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While initially untrustworthy with each other, the guardians begin forming bonds and begin to act not only as a team, but a family as well.

Peter Quill Edit

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Gamora and Sylvia are best friends and have an older/younger sister relationship together. However, they weren't always best friends.

When they first met, Gamora tried to kill both Sylvia and Peter in order to get the Infinity Stone from the duo in order to betray her former adoptive father, Thanos. One night, Sylvia wakes and finds Gamora gone, she goes to immediately find her. However, Sylvia intercepts both Rocket and Peter, also finding Gamora. The Quill siblings work together to get themselves safe. The two of them both connect with the fact they never knew their real parents and they are both one of a kind species. This is because Gamora is the last of her kind and Sylvia is the only half-Human, half-Xandarian.

Along with Peter, Gamora calls her "Syl" while Sylvia nicknames her "Mora" sometimes.

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The Watsons Edit

Sylvia's mother is named June Watson and her father was Prince Orion. She hardly knew her parents, only living with them for the first five years of her life.

Yondu Udonta Edit

Against Yondu's wishes, Sylvia was raised by Peter Quill, Yondu's adoptive son and former protege as his sister. However, he  immediately began seeing Sylvia as the daughter he never had because of her burglary skills.

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Lionel Zore Edit

Lionel Zore was Sylvia's (brief) love interest. After James left to film a movie, Lionel moved into James (former) apartment and started a brief romance with Sylvia. However, when James returns, Sylvia and Lionel are both shocked to see Sylvia's ex-boyfriend returned and is hurt to find her in a relationship with Lionel. However, they broke it off when Sylvia and James found their romantic relations still in tact. Instead, Lionel falls in love with another girl.

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