Sylvia Quill is Star Lord's/Peter Quill's fourteen/fifteen year old adopted sister. She has also adopted his last name.

History Edit

Sylvia was born on Xandar to Xandarian Orion Watson and his Terran wife June Watson. However, her parents died when she was only five years old and she was subsequently found by Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, who raised her as a sister, against Yondu's wishes, who immediately began seeing her as the daughter he never had. .

Family treeEdit

Madeline Watson
Phil WatsonJune Watson
Orion WatsonPeter Quill
Mary Jane WatsonSylvia Jenna Quill

Trivia Edit

  • Sylvia and Quill are the first siblings to not be biologically related but adopted.
  • Sylvia was adopted by Quill at age seven even though she and him met when she was five.
  • She is fifteen years old (chapter 2)
  • Her birth name is Sylvia Jenna Watson (chapter 2)
  • She got separated from her parents at five.