Samson is Philip's pet horse and extremely loyal to his owner.


Early lifeEdit

It is unknown how Philip acquired this horse, but according to Andrew, his master's brother, Philip connected with the horse when in the stable trying to find a horse suitable for him.

Character arcEdit

Sleeping Beauty Edit

He is owned by Philip and is walking in the forest with Philip on his back and Sylvia (horse) and Prince Andrew with them when they hear the sound of a woman singing.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Family Edit

Romances Edit

Allies Edit

Prince Phillip, Princess Aurora, Princess Dawn, Prince Andrew, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, King Stefan, Queen Leah, King Hubert

Enemies Edit


Neutral Edit





  • Samson has been the first leading horse and has served inspiration for other Disney Horses, Philippe in Beauty and the Beast, Pegasus in Hercules, and Maximus in Tangled.
    • However, a non horse hero similar to him is Sven from The Third Sister.


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