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He has been betrothed to a princess named Aurora since birth. However, witnessing Maleficent

place a curse on the child, the wedding plans were delayed to the point of Aurora and Aurora's younger sister, Dawn being born and hidden in the forest. Philip grew up as an older brother figure to his cousin and a man who loves adventures.

Character arc Edit

Philip and Andrew  first meets their love interests when they hear Aurora and Dawn singing by the lake, as well as dancing with a figure that is their owl friend. He goes to his father to tell him that he would rather marry a girl that he got to know rather than a princess he hardly knows, or ever met. He goes to her house, but tells Andrew to stay back. However, he is immediately captured by Maleficent, with Andrew racing away. Dawn comes acros s the evil fairy and battles her briefly, but fails when Maleficent knocks the girl unconscious. He, along with Dawn go to save Philip. 

With the three fairies help, he escapes from his cell while telling Andrew and Dawn to retreat. However, the duo go and fight several of Maleficent's goons and fall in love while Philip escapes.

Philip is a brave and heroic man. He usually tries to be easy-going. Sometimes, he is a bit manipulative, such as his father agreeing to allow him to marry a peasant girl he loves (ironically, not knowng the girl he met was Princess Aurora). However, he shows concerns for his younger cousin's safety, as he tells him to flee with Dawn. However the two disobey the fairies and the prince anyways. 

Maleficent confronts Philip and turns into a dragon to battle him. However, with the help of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Philip defeats dragon Maleficent. However, Maleficent comes to her form to battle Dawn this time, and not Philip's encounter. Dawn magically ends Maleficent's life through the magic of th elight hearted.  

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Philip is a young man with brown hair and (arguably) brown eyes (this is due to the animation style back then)Phillip is generally seen wearing a tan tunic over a black shirt, with brown pants and boots that frame tightly around his slim, but fair built a physique. He also is seen wearing a red cape and hat at times. However, he lost this hat between the struggle of him and Maleficent's goons. 

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