King Hubert is a character featured in the segment, Dawn and Aurora. He is the father of his only child and heir, Prince Philip and uncle of Prince Andrew

Character arcEdit


Hubert had a wife who bore him a son named Philip. Later, she passes away by unknown means <ref>She is presumed deceased by the characters as the Queen never appears</ref>. Sometime later, he appears to take care of his infant nephew after the death of Hubert's brother and sister-in-law

Dawn and Aurora Edit

King Hubert goes to Stefan's kingdom with his son to look over princess Aurora. Both he and his old friend planned on having their kingdoms unite between the union of Aurora and Philip. Also, he However, he forbids Philip to marry a peasant girl and to marry princess aurora, both oblivious that the girls that Philip and Drew met were the princesses. The two cousins ride away with Hubert going to tell Stephan of his son's intentions of not marrying aurora. 

However, before he can warn Stefan, Hubert falls into a sleep, not even knowing Princess Dawn has escaped from the castle to the forbidden fortress. 

Once the curse is broken, Hubert awakens and attempts to tell Stefan of Phillip's intentions. However, he does not finish as Phillip descends down the staircase arm in arm with Aurora. A few minutes later, Aurora's sister and Philip's cousin walk in, where Dawn is revealed to be wearing a green dress, happily reuniting with her parents. Hubert is confused, but comes to realize that maybe Aurora is the girl who Philip met in the woods. 

Personality Edit

Kind, grumpy, jolly, funny

Appearance Edit

Obese, half bald, white hair, eyebrows and small goatee, red coat, crown with blue on the top, golden shirt with blue collar, blue neckless shape like diamond, red-orange socks, black shoes with pompoms