Arthur "Wart" Pendragon is the male protagonist of the Disney Siblings segment Morgan and Arthur.

Arthur is brother of Morgan Pendragon, son of Uther Pendragon, foster son of Sir Ector and foster brother of Sir Kay.


Arthur was born in England a few minutes before his twin sister, Morgan was born. They are oblivious to their familial relations with King Uther Pendragon, their true father. As kids, Morgan was given a magical dagger meant to protect her and her brother from evil, dark forces.

They were raised by Sir Ector alongside their unwanting step-brother, Sir Kay.

Character arcEdit

Arthur first appears, along with Morgan while they are trailing behind their brother. He tells the young siblings to be quiet as he fires an arrow at a dear, but misses when Arthur accidentally lands on him. As he chases the brother of the twins, who says that he will go to retrieve the arrow. While Kay isn't looking, Arthur's sister follows from behind with her dagger. They are unknowingly followed by a wolf, who wishes to eat Wart, but after seeing the woman has a dagger, he opts to eat Wart more than Morgan.

From then on, they are taught by Merlin, a great wizard, of using "brawn over brain" (although Morgan knew this, somewhat).


Arthur is a is noble, dreamy, brave, kind, caring, and hard-working yet clumsy, boy with a good heart and puts his younger sister before him, who has practically also been his best friend. He usually dreams about being more than ust a boy wishing to make his way into this world.

Arthur's biggest quirk is being awfully clumsy. For example, he lands on Kay while on a broken tree branch and falls down the steps twice when Sir Ector tells him his status of potentially being Kay's squire, which means so much to him, but Merlin, even Morgan, believe that Arthur is too kind to be rough and tough like their foster brother.

He shows undying loyalty to his friends and sister. For instance, believing Merlin to be dead he yelled claiming that he'll "poke Madam Mim's eyes out for apparently killing his mentor. Morgan has to stop him with her finger. .

Physical AppearanceEdit

Arthur is a boy who is twelve years old, the same age as his twin sister, Morgan. He is about taller than his sister, but not that much. Probably, he will grow taller as he grows up. He usually is seen with blonde hair and blue eyes, a trait he shares with his sister.


Morgan Pendragon Edit

Since they have no parents, Wart and Morgan are each other's parents, seeing they take care of one another while being chastised by their foster father.

Trivia Edit

  • Morgan is the only character to call her brother Arty and not his real nickname.