Archimedes is Merlin's Pet Owl and the tritagonist in the Arthur and Morgan segment. He initially disliked the Pendragon siblings, before growing to know them.


Little of Archimedes's past is known. At some point, he became the pet owl of Merlin and gained the ability to speak.

Character arcEdit

Archimedes first appears in Merlin's house, questioning his ability to seeing into the future and the history of Morgan and Arthur.

He is first mistaken to be a stuffed animal by Morgan's brother, Arthur Pendragon.


He is usually grouchy in the mornings and prefers to sleep during the day, more like most owls do. Archimedes usually doubts his master's magic, but knows Morgan has potential for magic, as she is seen improving from Merlin teaching her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Brown pygmy owl, yellow eyeballs, orange beak and feet

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: Archimedes has the ability to fly, like most owls due to having the wings.


"Who? Who? I'd like to know who."
—Archimedes to Merlin
"If that boy goes around saying the world is round they'll take him for a lunatic!"
—Archimedes to Merlin
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